Ross Denyer, writer and actor

Ross Denyer


Ross was born in England and raised in Texas and North Carolina, which must be why so many people think he’s from Australia.

His passion for writing landed him a scholarship to an 8-week NYFA screenwriting course with Dan Kay (Pay the Ghost, I.T.), and his first TV pilot, The Relief, was a finalist in ScreenCraft’s Pilot Launch and Screenwriting Fellowship. His next pilot, What Darkness Brings, is a top-ranked script on The Black List and was selected for the ATX/Black List Writers Program.

He also directed and co-produced award-winning webseries The Verge in NYC and wore a half-dozen hats on his Western short film, Tell No Tales, now streaming on Amazon Prime.

Ross is currently writing a new sci-fi pilot and a Western feature. He lives and dreams in Los Angeles.

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TV Shows I Love

The English, Midnight Mass, The Expanse, The Outsider, Call My Agent!, Bojack Horseman, Marvel’s Daredevil, The Americans, True Detective, Luther, The Fall, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, The Wire, Mad Men, Homeland (Seasons 1 & 2), Rescue Me, Californication, The Shield

[A Few] Favorite Movies

Blade Runner, Once Upon a Time in the West, Field of Dreams, Heat, Alien, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Casablanca, Casino Royale, Hot Fuzz, Temple Grandin, A Fish Called Wanda, Drive, The Rocketeer, The Lives of Others, The Empire Strikes Back, Yojimbo, Inception

Good Reads

What Makes Sammy Run?, A Streetcar Named Desire, 1984, Robinson Crusoe, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Catch Me If You Can, Slouching Towards Bethlehem, Bambi vs. Godzilla, Into the Woods: A Five-Act Journey Into Story, Life by Keith Richards

Star Wars or Star Trek?

One’s a fantasy space-western, the other’s sci-fi. I love both.