WHAT DARKNESS BRINGS | 1-hour TV Pilot | Horror Anthology

LOGLINE: In Nazi-occupied France, a farmer and a German officer must form a tenuous alliance to protect their families from German forces, French resistance, and a malevolent creature that stalks them all.

RECOGNITION: Selected for The Black List/ATX Writers Program; “Recommend” coverage from TSL Notes; scored “8” by two Black List readers


“The writer shows a capacity to not just shock, but to delve deep into a number of conflicted characters, all of whom feel complex and fully realized. The characters are aided by superb dialogue, with a number of great lines and strong monologues. The writer also clearly knows how to create tension, with a scene between Bertrand and Joseph feeling on par with the suspenseful sequences in INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS.”

Black List reader, reviewing “What Darkness Brings” (Score: 8)

“Not often do writers understand that antagonists have to not only be ‘bad’ but also need a good side that we can latch on to. You were able to do so in a fantastic way…It’s a great script and will always be a fantastic sample for your writing repertoire.”

TSL Notes reader, reviewing “What Darkness Brings” (Score: Recommend)

“The action scenes on their own make for a riveting read. By throwing the audience in the deep end, the teaser starts the script off with a bang that immediately immerses the audience. It’s rare to see a script announce itself so boldly right from the get-go — and it lets the reader know right away that they are in good, capable hands.”

Black List reader, reviewing “What Darkness Brings” (Score: 8)

THE RELIEF | 1-hour TV Pilot | Sci-Fi/Drama

LOGLINE: A hyper-empathic man with the ability to absorb and alter other people’s memories struggles to disentangle himself from a criminal employer and his own dubious past.

RECOGNITION: Finalist, for the following — ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship, ScreenCraft Pilot Launch, Emerging Screenwriters, Stage32 TV Writers Fellowship, and WeScreenplay TV Competition


“‘The Relief’ is a rarity – an interesting idea with a fresh approach. Ethan, is akin to Batman; both he and the police want the same things, but both sides have reason to mistrust the other. It’s an interesting, effective dynamic….I would watch this show every week.”

ScreenCraft Reader

“This hour-long drama set in the near future oozes with mystery and tension…You’re also adept at grounding the more fantastical elements of the story with mundane but visceral real world details.”

WeScreenplay Reader

“Just as a superhero story might have the audience asking – what would I do if I could turn invisible – Ethan’s story has us pondering about how we would handle such an awesome, yet problematic power. It is in this essence that sci-fi really gets at the heart of the human experience, and your story captures this essence of the genre not only effectively, but with finesse.”

WeScreenplay Reader


TRIBES | 1-hour TV Pilot | Post-Apocalyptic Drama

LOGLINE: After her family’s murder, a teenage girl and her mute sister struggle to survive a brutal post-apocalyptic world of outlaws, zealots, and warring city-states.

RECOGNITION: Semifinalist, ScreenCraft Pilot Launch 2018

THE DELIVERER | Feature | Sci-Fi Action/Adventure

LOGLINE: After a failed rescue operation strands her in enemy territory, a U.S. Army Ranger teams up with a pacifist alien to prevent an international war.

RECOGNITION: Semifinalist, ScreenCraft China-Hollywood Fellowship

TELL NO TALES | Short | Western/Thriller

LOGLINE: A train robber, mercenary, and Korean cowboy rendezvous in the desert to claim their last score.

RECOGNITION: Nominated for “Best Original Script” & “Best Horror/Thriller” at Asians on Film Festival; Won “Best Western” at Festival of Time